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Cesspits & Soak Holes

Cesspits are small catchment drain tanks used to redirect excess water and surface flooding. These can be covered with a grill so water enters the pit directly or have a manhole cover and water is directed via an inlet pipe. It is very common for cesspits to become blocked with leaves, silt, rubbish, and debris over time.

In a cesspit sediment commonly settle and build up in the bottom of the drain, as the solid level rises the inlet becomes blocked and/or water begins to pool and overflow from the surface.  Blocked cesspits can also create a build-up of lime, calcium and other bacteria which is a potential health hazard.

It is a good idea to clear cesspits on a 6 monthly basis. Alpha Drain Unblocking can then prescribe the best maintenance solution and provide the drain unblocking service to resolve a cesspit blockage. We can either vacuum the the contents in the cesspit or flush the cesspit with the hydro jet to clear it.

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